Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Volleyball is the best sport EVER!!! I LOVE IT!!  It has been my favorite sport for a long time! My mom had me passing at like age 2!!! Anyone that hasn't tried i suggest you do it is AWESOME!!


Jaci said...

Oh my gosh shelly :) i am laughin at all those inside jokes. ahhh those were some funnay times! But remember this is america not italy!*Skittles
oh.. and that is not the tone that rings on my cellular device!

starburst said...

haha jaci this is going to be great!!

Jaci said...

i have a problem!! i have too many zits.. (nine line)
Start booking a trip to Jamaica if Hillary wins!
call me!
Julian loves ballet
Why do i have a circle on my neck you may ask? Cuz i love geometry
Chase Hoffman is my future husband!
Arabian nights
Evil Innocence
Boom snap clap
...and thats all i can think of right now! :)

Jaci said...

JACI! What? *Pulls ring out* Oh my gosh!!!! haha
Is there a build-a-bear here? hmmmmm i dont know. let me see...

Jaci said...

What murderer are you? Results: jaci smith!